Lenovo Trade-In Terms and Conditions

The Lenovo Trade-In Programme (“Trade-In Programme”) offers qualifying end-user customers the opportunity to return Qualifying Devices for a Trade-In discount after the purchase of a Qualifying Product.
The return of Qualifying Devices under the Lenovo Trade-In Programme (“Programme”) is handled on behalf of Lenovo by TechProtect GmbH Max-Eyth-Straße 35, 71088 Holzgerlingen Sitz der Gesellschaft: Holzgerlingen, Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRB 245394.
Workstations produced by any manufacturer may be considered for the Programme.
Qualifying end-user Customers (“Participant”) are business end-user customers only (companies / public sector without VAT ID or with VAT exempt turnover (incl. schools/universities/NPOs/government) or companies / public sector with VAT ID and VAT taxable turnover) purchasing eligible products from a reseller or/and on lenovo.com in Denmark.
Qualifying Products are
• ThinkStation P3xx serie (all part numbers are eligible)
• ThinkStation P5xx serie (all part numbers are eligible)
• ThinkStation P7xx serie (all part numbers are eligible)
• ThinkStation P9xx serie (all part numbers are eligible)
You must have a valid invoice from the reseller as proof of purchase.
Qualifying Devices are the products to be traded-in. Any old mobile and/or desktop workstations from any manufacturer either an HP Z Serie or a Lenovo P (or older W) or DELL Precision or a FJS Celsius or a Worthmann TERRA workstation, of any age and in working condition can be returned. A Qualifying Device must match the Qualifying Product. A discount up to kr 1.500 will be granted. The category of the qualifying device will be verified during the auditing process. In case the advised category should not match with the received category, the conditions of the claim will be reviewed and updated. In case of any change, the participant will be informed by e-mail accordingly.
This Programme will run from October 1st 2018 until March 31st 2021 inclusive (“Programme Period”). Purchase of the Qualifying Product must take place within the Promotion Period and the Trade-In application must be completed not later than June 30th 2021.
Up to five (5) Trade-In product combinations (five Qualifying Devices to be traded-in for five Qualifying Products) may be claimed.
By participating in this Programme, Participant agrees to be bound by all its terms and conditions. The Participant who accepts these terms and conditions must be the one making the Trade-In and receiving the Trade-In Discount.
The Promoter’s decision in all aspects of the Programme is final.
The Participant must be the legal owner of the Qualifying Device and the Qualifying Product. The Qualifying Device must not be subject to any lease agreement and must not be registered with any party as lost or stolen. Resellers and distributors may not register for this Programme on behalf of their customers or intermediaries. Resellers and distributors of Lenovo products may not participate in this Programme.
To the extent permissible by applicable law, Lenovo is not liable for any loss, damage or injury arising in connection with this Programme.
Lenovo reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or amend this Programme at any time without notice.
You may be asked to consent to receive promotional e-mails from Lenovo via an opt-in on the entry form. Such consent to receive promotional e-mails is not mandatory to participate in the Programme. If you do consent to receive these e-mails, you may opt out of receiving these e-mails at any time. For further details on Lenovo’s privacy policy go to http://www.lenovo.com/privacy/da/dk/.
1. All decisions made in connection with this Programme by Lenovo are final and no correspondence will be entered into;
2. Lenovo reserves the right to modify or cancel this Programme at any time without prior notice;
3. Lenovo reserves the right to monitor, review, retain and / or disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request;
4. Lenovo may declare this Programme to be void where it is taxed, regulated, prohibited or restricted by applicable law;
5. Lenovo reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, altered or illegible applications. No responsibility will be accepted for applications which have been lost, or are late, damaged, misdirected or delayed. Lenovo is not responsible for any technical, hardware, software, server, website or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the Participant from or otherwise obstructs him/her in participating in this Programme;
6. Lenovo reserves the right to audit all requests to ensure that all terms and conditions of the Programme have been met and to request additional information regarding any and all Trade-In requests, claims and supporting documents;
7. All documentation submitted for this Programme becomes the property of Lenovo and will not be returned. Submission of false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent documentation may result in disqualification from this Programme and future Lenovo Programmes.
8. This agreement is governed by the laws of the country in which the Participant joins the Programme.
9. Shipping costs for return of the Qualifying Devices are borne by Lenovo.
10. Qualifying Products which are registered for the Programme are not allowed to be registered under the Buy&Try Programme.
• Only Qualifying Products purchased in the country where the participant submits his application are eligible for the Programme.
• Participants can claim the discount only after a Qualifying Product has been purchased.
• The payment of the discount will be made by electronic bank transfer within 45 calendar days after receipt of the old devices at the auditing center. The discount values are specified and will be paid in the local currency.
• Refurbished products are not eligible to be registered as Qualifying Products and are excluded from the Programme.
• This Trade-In offer may be combined with Lenovo Special Bids. Lenovo reserves the right to reject customers from participating in the promotion, where other Lenovo promotional offers or special pricing agreements have been already offered. Lenovo reserves the right to request additional information concerning the relevant transactions at any time and to reject requests for which the eligibility criteria are not met.
• This is a one-for-one and like-for-like product trade-in only. The participant must purchase at least one Qualifying Product, and trade-in for each Qualifying Product one Qualifying Device (can be workstations from any manufacturer, of any age and must be in working condition).
Applications by Participants from remote or non-mainland areas may not be supportable. Contact register@lenovo-promotions.com for further information
• Qualifying Products must be purchased on or after October 1st 2018 to qualify.
• Applications to receive the discount must be received within the Programme Period (October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2021) but not later than June 30th 2021.
• All incomplete applications will be automatically rejected. If rejected as incomplete, applications must be completed and resubmitted to be processed. The application is considered incomplete if one or more of the following criteria are met:
1. Information requested on the application form is missing, for example: serial number of the Qualifying Product;
2. Proof of purchase documents with valid purchase date and valid Qualifying Product(s) are missing; or
3. Valid old Qualifying Device is not shipped within the 30 days limit from the date of application submission.
Participants can claim the discount via the Trade-In Programme Page. By accepting these Programme terms and conditions, the Participant warrants that (i) all old Qualifying Devices have been owned by the Participant prior to applying for the discount; (ii) the Participant holds legal title to the Qualifying Devices, free of liens or any security interest, the Participant’s ownership is not subject to the rights of third parties and the Participant has the legal right to transfer the Qualifying Devices to Lenovo; (iii) the Qualifying Device is free of any restrictions or encumbrances, including third-party software which may not be transferred or for which royalties are due. Applications that contain false or misleading statements will not be processed. Lenovo reserves the right to delay payment, and / or review all claims that require investigation due to suspicious activity.
The application for Trade-In will be rejected if proof of purchase of the Qualifying Product is not received by Lenovo in accordance with the Programme requirements.
The proof of purchase of the Qualifying Product must contain the following information:
1. Name and address of the end-user customer.
2. Name and address of the Lenovo reseller in a letterhead format
3. Model and serial number of the Qualifying Product.
A confirmation e-mail with an application reference number will be sent once the application is submitted by the Participant, with instructions on the next steps in the process. This e-mail should be saved by Participants. The application number must be referenced on all questions relating to the Trade-In Programme. In addition to the invoice for the Qualifying Product, Lenovo reserves the right to request from the Participant further evidence of purchase and/or ownership (e.g. photo of the serial number label, barcodes, etc.).
The Trade-In and associated discount as indicated by Lenovo only applies for Qualifying Devices for return that are fully functional as determined during the audit process on receipt by TechProtect. Qualifying Devices must be returned complete, in working, re-saleable condition and with all accessories such as power supply and adapter. Before returning the Qualifying Devices to Lenovo all data stored, including software, on the devices must be deleted. After the return of the Qualifying Devices to Lenovo, no recovery of data will be possible. Lenovo accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss of data from returned Qualifying Devices. Lenovo accepts no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind if any undeleted data on the old Qualifying Devices is accessed or acquired by any third party. Old Qualifying Devices returned to Lenovo must not be contaminated with biological, chemical or radioactive materials.
The Trade-In Value is paid by TechProtect to the Participant. Subject to compliance of the Participant with the requirements of the Programme, the payment will be made by electronic bank transfer within forty-five (45 days) after receipt of the returned Qualifying Device at our designated location. Payment can only be made to a bank account within the country where the Participant takes part in the Programme. In the event of either incorrect payments made by TechProtect (for example following a false or erroneous claim by the Participant), then within twenty eight (28) days after notification by Lenovo, the Participant shall repay or reimburse any such incorrect payments. The Participant agrees to hold Lenovo free from the responsibility for any liability, claims, damages and tax liabilities that might arise in such circumstances. Neither Lenovo nor the TechProtect GmbH is responsible for any bank or other charges whatsoever incurred by eligible customer in relation to cashback payments. Payments will only be executed in kr.
Qualifying Devices must be located in the country where the Participant is requesting payment of the discount. Lenovo will organize shipping/sending for free of the returned Qualifying Devices (use of the Lenovo shipping label provided is required) and cover all cost for shipping. The shipping label provided by Lenovo attached to the e-mail the Participant receives once the application has been checked and validated, must be signed and attached to the outside of the shipping package. It contains details regarding the logistics process and a returns label. The return label must be attached to the outside of the box and should be easily accessible even when the box is stacked on a pallet. It is recommended to secure the return label with transparent adhesive tape. Furthermore, a printout of this confirmation mail should be enclosed in the box of the device to be sent in order to ensure a smooth assignment of the order. The packaged and authorized Qualifying Device can be returned to a local post office if the total weight of thirty kilograms (30 kg) is not exceeded. If the actual total weight exceeds the restrictions in the confirmation e-mail, the customer should contact Lenovo to arrange for the equipment to be picked up (register@lenovo-promotions.com). The collection must be carried out from the entrance door on the ground floor. The Participant is responsible for the de-installation of the old Qualifying Devices and must properly prepare the old Qualifying Devices for shipment including deletion of all data.
If a collection is required, Lenovo will dispatch a carrier to the address stated by the Participant in the Participant’s application. If it is not possible for the Lenovo carrier to come on the scheduled date, the carrier will contact the Participant to agree a new date. In case the scheduled date is not be convenient for the Participant, Participant must contact Customer Service Center by e-mail (register@lenovo-promotions.com). If the Devices are not ready for pick-up on the scheduled date and the Lenovo carrier has to come again on another day, the Participant will be charged the incurred additional cost.
The period between acceptance of the Participant’s application for the discount and actual pick-up of the old Devices must not exceed thirty (30) working days. If it does, the Trade-In is void.
Lenovo will only pick-up the old Qualifying Devices within the respective national boundaries. Geographical restrictions may apply The Participant must ensure printer cartridges and waste bags are removed before transportation starts.
The ownership of the old Qualifying Devices will be transferred to Lenovo upon handover of the old Devices to the carrier. The time of delivery of the Qualifying Device to Lenovo’s designated carrier shall be final and effective to transfer title of such product to Lenovo's designated location free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. The Participant agrees to sign any documents and take any actions necessary to effect the transfer of ownership to Lenovo.
After pick up by the carrier, Lenovo is not able to return any Qualifying Device (including accessories) to the Participant, and all such items shall remain the property of Lenovo.
If an old Qualifying Device other than that stated in the Participants application has been placed ready for collection and / or carried to the Lenovo designation location, Lenovo is entitled to charge the Participant the incurred costs for the pickup and return, in so far as the mistake was not the fault of Lenovo.
The old Qualifying Devices must match the details provided during the application process. If they do not match, Lenovo reserves the right not to pay any discount.
The Programme requires the acceptance of a self-billing invoice by the Participant. To ensure consistent and valid invoicing, Lenovo creates a proposed self-billing invoice on behalf of the Participant and sends it to the Participant for acceptance. Once the proposed self-billing invoice is accepted by the Participant Lenovo will make the respective payment and issue a final corresponding invoice.