• Q: How do I ship my product?
    A: Lenovo will organize shipping/sending for free of the returned Devices (use of the Lenovo shipping label provided is required) and cover all cost for shipping.  The shipping label provided by Lenovo attached to the e-mail the Participant receives once the application has been checked and validated, must be signed and attached to the outside of the shipping package. It contains details regarding the logistics process and a returns label. The return label must be attached to the outside of the box and should be easily accessible even when the box is stacked on a pallet. It is recommended to secure the return label with transparent adhesive tape. Furthermore, a printout of this confirmation mail should be enclosed in the box of the device to be sent in order to ensure a smooth assignment of the order. The packaged and authorized device can be returned to a local post office if the total weight of thirty kilograms (30 kg) is not exceeded. If the actual total weight exceeds the restrictions in the confirmation e-mail, the customer should contact Lenovo to arrange for the equipment to be picked up (register@lenovo-promotions.com). The collection must be carried out from the entrance door on the ground floor. The Participant is responsible for the de-installation of the old Devices and must properly prepare the old Devices for shipment including deletion of all data.
  • Q: Do I need to pay for the shipping?
    A: Lenovo bears the shipment costs.
  • Q: Should I delete data on my hard drive before I send the equipment?
    A: Before you ship your device, it is strictly recommended that you back up your data and then erase the data from your hard drive. Any files or data left on your system may be accessible to others if the data is not erased. Thus absolutely no responsibility will be accepted for lost or confidential data and software.  It is mandatory that you will delete all passwords in order your equipment could be audited.  Passwords, that cannot be deleted, should be communicated to us.
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