• Q: I need a copy of my invoice uploaded but I do not have a scanner. What can I do?
    A: Alternatively you can use digital camera or send it via fax to 0049 7031 7632 5563. Please make sure the invoice is readable.
  • Q: I have lost my invoice/receipt, can I still claim my cashback?
    A: We can only process your claim if you can provide proof of purchase – an invoice with your name and address.
  • Q: What is the difference between an invoice/receipt and order confirmation/dispatch note?
    A: The invoice will show the invoice number which will help us to identify your purchase, it also has the price paid on it. Please note that we do not accept delivery notes and order confirmations as these are not considered as proof of purchase.
  • Q: What is an invoice number?
    A: The invoice number is normally clearly shown on your invoice. This is a unique number to identify a purchase.
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